PFLI Scores – November,┬á 2020

Judges – Steve Kessler – Susan Nolan – Marty Silverstein

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
DPA Valerie Interligi Purple And White Columbine 26
DPA Joe Senzatimore Iconic Fishing Shack 24
DPA Ken Thalheimer Autumn Bloomer 24
CRE Steven Kessler Face In The Twin Waterfall 24
DPB Vin Como Twin Water Lily 24
DPB Barry Elberg Bug On Flower 23
DPA Bill Brown Backyard Cardinal 23
DPA Dave Curtin Jax 23
DPA Helen Albano Curls Of Gold 23
CRE Jane Allegretti Yellow Turbulence 23
DPA Joanna Gazzola The Sultan’s Tower 23
CRE Judi Feinman Playing With The Light 23
DPB Mark Chernoff NYC West Side From West New York NJ 23
DPB Michael Yuen GoodMorning 23
DPA Steven Kessler On The Branch 23
CRE Valerie Interligi An Orchid Getting Color 23
CRE Barry Elberg No Swimming 21
CRE Bill Brown Picture Perfect Chip 21
CRE Helen Albano Blue On Blue 21
DPA Henry Hernandez American Made 21
DPB Jane Allegretti Red Petals 21
CRE Joanna Gazzola Infinity 21
CRE Joe Senzatimore You Got Some Splanin To Do 21
DPA Judi Feinman Going For A Bath 21
DPA Kathy Sheldon Irridescent Grackle 21
CRE Rebecca Torns End Of Log 21
DPA Susan Silkowitz Kitty On The Stairs 21
CRE Vin Como Bee In A Bottle 21
DPB Jack Cusack Beautiful South Shore Sky 20
DPB Peter Mirabella Backyard Rose A 20

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