Nassau County Camera Club Calendar

Due to the ongoing health/pandemic situation and the Levittown library still being closed and needing construction – as well as there being no set opening date available - we are preparing and planning for having all of our meetings and competitions/presentations for the 2020-2021 club year as remote and on-line. The set schedule for the 2020-2021 club year is the following: There will no longer be meetings on the first Monday of each month:

  • First Wednesday of each month- images for competition are due to Dave Second
  • Wednesday of each month- monthly on-line competition
  • Third Wednesday of each month- on-line workshop or presentation
  • Fourth Wednesday of each month- on-line workshop or presentation

To get more information on the events, click on the event link within the calendar or Click on the AGENDA Tab for a LIST VIEW

2020-2021 Mandatory Competition Topic


Opposites: Contrary or radically different in some respect common to both, as in nature, qualities, direction, result, or significance; opposed.

The Mandatory Topic of “Opposites” originally scheduled for the 2019-2020 club year was previously delayed and will now be our December 16, 2020 competition. For those members who already took images for this, hold on to them, or shoot additional ones. For those members who have not had the chance or who need more time, you now have it available. This will also now serve as the Mandatory Theme for the current 2020-2021 club year. As always, the theme applies only to your color and black and white but not creative images

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