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About the NCCC

Founded in 1934, The Nassau County Camera Club (NCCC) is devoted to enhancing members enjoyment and knowledge of photography. The original founders of the club can be seen in an April 12, 1934 newspaper article below. Membership in the club is open to all film and digital photographers over the age of 17.  Meetings are generally held on the first Monday and third and fourth Wednesdays of each month at the Levittown Library, 1 Bluegrass Lane, Levittown, NY 11756. This schedule may be affected by COVID protocols and we suggest checking our calendar for the most up to date information - See the calendar for details.

Do you love to take photographs? Here's a chance to enhance your technical and creative skills through seminars, workshops, competitions, exhibitions, and more. Join us--we're a friendly group of men and women of all ages who love photography. A membership application can be found here.

  • Learn by doing photography at our hands on workshops.
  • Enhance your knowledge through lectures, seminars and workshops.
  • Share your photos through competitions, critiques, exhibitions, and digital slide shows.

Our Story

Nassau Camera Club is Founded April 12, 1934

Executive Board (2023-2024)

President                                             Steven Kessler

Vice President                                      Jane & Julie Allegretti

Treasurer                                               Helen Albano

Secretary                                                Stu Schneider

Judges Chairperson                                William Brown

Membership Chairperson                       Peter Mirabella

Digital Chairperson                                  Dave Curtin

Webmaster                                               Jane & Julie Allegretti

Programs/Workshop Chairperson           Vinnie Como

PFLI Selection Chairperson                      Dave Curtin

PFLI Delegate                                          Ellen Gallagher

Historian                                                  Dave Curtin

Library Coordinator                                 Kathy Sheldon

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