PFLI Scores – May,  2020

Judges – Mike DiRenzo – Dick Hunt – Tom Crosley

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
CRE Bill Brown What A Live View 25
DPB Paula Greco Water Drop On Dandelion 25
CRE Vince Como Butterfly In A Jar 25
CRE Helen Albano A Rose Is A Rose 24
DPA Ken Thalheimer On The Horizon 24
CRE Valerie Interligi Make A Wish Orb 24
DPA Dave Curtin Passing The Time 23
DPA Helen Albano A Place To Reflect 23
CRE Joanna Gazzola Tree In The Park 23
CRE Joe Senzatimore Venice Night Composite 23
DPA Joe Senzatimore Eye On The Prize 23
DPA Kathy Sheldon Message In A Bottle 23
CRE Paula Greco On Top of the World 23
DPB Rebecca Torns Take Down 23
DPA Valerie Interligi Tulips And Running Reflection 23
DPB Jack Cusack Nature’s Way 22
CRE Judi Feinman Windmill In A Storm 22
DPA Judi Feinman Monkeys On The Fence 22
DPB Michael Yuen Flower 22
CRE Steven Kessler Starry Ceiling 22
DPA Steven Kessler Key West Sunset 22
DPB Vin Como Flamongo Chat 22
DPA Bill Brown Old Elgin Mechanism 21
DPA Joanna Gazzola Blazing Dahlia 21
DPB Mark Chernoff Northport Harbor Sunset 21
DPB Peter Mirabella Purple Beauty 21
CRE Rebecca Torns William 21
DPA Susan Silkowitz Josh In The Doorway 21
DPA Henry Hernandez M&M Sq NYC 20
DPB Jody Herrmann Amish Farm With Hawk 20
DPB Tom Lloyd Self Portait 18

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