PFLI Scores – December,  2021

Judges – Valerie Debiase – Dave Curtin – Dick Hunt

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
DBW Marie Sauter Sitting Pretty 26
CRE Steven Kessler Dahlia And Bud As Stained Glass 24
DPA Helen Albano Fall Still Life 24
DBW Helen Albano My Beloved 24
DPA Valerie Interligi Blue Nigella 2 23
DBW Valerie Interligi Dramatic Tulip 23
DPA Steven Kessler Egret On A Branch 23
CRE Joe Senzatimore Lanterns On The Vine 23
DBW Vince Como Looking Over Her Shoulder 23
DPA Ken Thalheimer Master DeLuxe 23
CRE Vince Como Rubics Cube Fire 23
DPA Kathy Sheldon Tender Courtship 23
DBW Henry Hernandez The Land Of The Lost 23
DBW Joe Senzatimore Time For A Pedi 23
CRE Helen Albano Zen Dahlia 23
DPA Dave Curtin Acadia’s Otter Cliffs At Dawn 21
DBW Steven Kessler Bright And Dark Dahlia B&W 21
DPB Alan Borko Denali State Park 21
DPA Henry Hernandez Four Steps And You Are Dead 21
DPA Joe Senzatimore Golden Crown Kinglet 21
DPA Vince Como Morning Dew On Day Lily 21
CRE Bill Brown Painted Orchid 21
CRE Jane Allegretti Purple Prism 21
DPA Bill Brown Stone Henge Sunset 21
DPB Mark Chernoff The Pink Dahlia 21
DPA Judi Feinman The Schoolgirls 21
CRE Judi Feinman Vampire 21
CRE Valerie Interligi Watering Can In Bubbles 21
DPA Marie Sauter Yellowstone Spring 21
DBW Dave Curtin A Farmer’s Work Is Never Done 20
DBW Judi Feinman Coffee Break 20
DBW Peter Mirabella Corvette Engine In Oyster Bay 20
DBW Ken Thalheimer Courthouse Abstract 20
DBW Kathy Sheldon Leaving 20
DPB Jane Allegretti Little Visitor 20
DPB Michael Yuen Water Puddle 20
CRE Alan Borko Citi Streets 18
DBW Jane Allegretti Crystal Fish 18
CRE Dave Curtin Fiery Dahlia 18
DPB Peter Mirabella Lunchtime 18
CRE Rebecca Torns Oil Painting Greenhouse 18
DPB Rebecca Torns Purple Flowers 18
CRE Peter Mirabella Red And Yellow 18
DBW Rebecca Torns Sepia Lake 18
DBW Bill Brown Weeds Grow Anywhere 18

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