Digital Scores October, 2017
Judge: Leon Hertzon

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B Category
Jane Allegretti Colorful Fairgrounds 8.5
Jane Allegretti Pink Petals 8
Bill Brown Rose On My Love's Letter 7.5
Bill Brown U.S. Army Brings In Colors 8.5
Brian Butensky Is It Safe? 8.5
Brian Butensky Man At Work 8
Mark Chernoff Hudson River Foliage 7
Jack Cusack Bright Eye 8
Jack Cusack Chi Town 7.5
Paula Greco There's  Storm Brewing 8.5
Paula Greco Young Bird 8.5
Henry Hernandez Graffiti Redux (MU) 8
Henry Hernandez Resilience Perseverance 1776 (MU) 8
Henry Hernandez Swan Lake 7.5
Henry Hernandez You Can Call Me Corgi 7.5
Pete Mirabella Beach Knot At Westhampton 7.5
Pete Mirabella Beauty At Hick's Nursery 2017 7.5
Hiroshi Tanoue Old Rusted Car 8.5
Hiroshi Tanoue Sleepy Monkey 7.5
Glenn Urquhart Fleeting Warblers 10 IOM
Glenn Urquhart Quite The Couple 7.5
A Category
Helen Albano Sweet Melody 8.5
Helen Albano Standing Guard 7.5
Judi Feinman Beauty Under The  Tree 7.5
Judi Feinman Wolf 7.5
Ellyn Finkelstein Twilight Swim 10 IOM
Ellyn Finkelstein Vintage 8
Ellen Gallagher Harbor Reflections 7
Ellen Gallagher Textured Winter Tree 7.5
Steve Kessler Barred Owl 9
Steve Kessler Glen Waterfall 9
Kathy Sheldon Two Bee Sunny 8
Susan Silkowitz Kaitlin 8
Susan Silkowitz Mary As Poison Ivy (MU) 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Robin With Berries 8
Susan Silkowitz Woman At Governor's Island (MU) 7.5
Ken Thalheimer Future Bloom 8
Ken Thalheimer Storm A Brewin' 7.5
Dave Curtin The Guardian Of Cape Ann 9
Dave Curtin The Hidden Tea Room 10 IOM
Liliana Hecker Fishing Pier 8.5
Liliana Hecker Wooden Lighthouse 8
Valerie Interligi Magnolia 7.5
Valerie Interligi Stone Pile 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Sitting Pretty 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Stunning In Red 8
C Creative
Helen Albano Dahlia Dream 8.5
Helen Albano Tulip Swirl 10 IOM
Jane Allegretti Goofy Gourds 7
Jane Allegretti Shaded Rays 7
Judi Feinman Littlest Dancers 9
Judi Feinman Thoughtful 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Painted Water Lily 8
Ellen Gallagher Poinsettia Abstract 7.5
Paula Greco Old Orient 7
Paula Greco Choices 8
Liliana Hecker Thinking 8
Henry Hernandez Standing In The Shade 9
Valerie Interligi Abstract Flower 8
Valerie Interligi Callas Ready To Embrace 8
Steve Kessler Orange In The Middle Quad 9
Steve Kessler Watching The Ride 7
Peter Mirabella Aged Beauty 7.5
Peter Mirabella Aged Rose At Westbury Gardens 7
Joe Senzatimore Vase #12 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Dusty Rose 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Cormorant 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Lawn Party Dancers (MU) 7
Susan Silkowitz Sleepy (MU) 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Tango Dancers 7.5

B&W Digital Scores October, 2017
Judge: Leon Hertzon

B Category
Jane Allegretti Too Cute 10 IOM
Jane Allegretti Last Stop 8.5
Bill Brown Bushkill Fall 8
Bill Brown Waterfall 8
Brian Butensky Sample Road Seller 8
Brian Butensky Going Home At Montauk Inlet 8
Henry Hernandez Approaching Train Number 7 Line (MU) 8.5
Henry Hernandez Columbus Circle 8.5
Henry Hernandez Fourth Avenue Brooklyn NY 8
Henry Hernandez Railroad Crossing Gorham NH (MU) 7.5
Paula Greco Ocean Silhouette 8
Pete Mirabella Angel AT Old Westbury Gardens 2017 7.5
Pete Mirabella Macro Beauty 7
Hiroshi Tanoue Old Horse Carriage 7.5
Glenn Urquhart Belted Kingfisher 7.5
Glenn Urquhart Peregrine Falcon 7.5
A Category
Helen Albano Unspoiled Beauty 7.5
Helen Albano Dahlia In A Bottle 7.5
Judi Feinman Bike Rider 8
Judi Feinman Ellie With Hat 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Planting Fields Clock 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Sepia Caves 8.5
Steve Kessler Bright Star 10 IOM
Steve Kessler Yellow On Green 7
Kathy Sheldon Hook Mill 8
Susan Silkowitz Children At The Fountain 8
Susan Silkowitz Cuban Man 8
Susan Silkowitz Shapes At The Met (MU) 8
Susan Silkowitz Smiling Dancer (MU) 8.5
Ken Thalheimer Interweaving 7.5
Salon Category
Dave Curtin Charging Hard 7.5
Dave Curtin The Palace Of Westminster 7.5
Liliana Hecker Walking The Beach 9.5 IOM
Valerie Interligi White Petal Drop 8
Valerie Interligi Wood Abstract 8
Joe Senzatimore Kingbird 8
Joe Senzatimore North Fork Icon 7.5