Digital Scores – March, 2018
Judge: Dick Hunt

B Category
Jane Allegretti Chapel Stairs 7.5
Jane Allegretti Pinkie 6.5
Bill Brown Courthouse Looking Up To Rotunda 7.5
Bill Brown Evening Lily Pads 6
Brian Butensky Lake Worth Alley 7
Brian Butensky Straw Hatted Vendor 6.5
Mark Chernoff Grand Tetons 7
Mark Chernoff Waiting For A Hansom Ride 6.5
Barry Elberg Abandoned Pilgrim State 6.5
Barry Elberg Pilgrim State Looking Out Window 6
Paula Greco A Time To Remember 7
Paula Greco Moonlit Friends 6.5
Henry Hernandez Our Flag Since Time Immemorial 6.5
Henry Hernandez The Lost Art of Solitude 7
Bill Margulis Greek Helmet 7
Bill Margulis Multi Tasking 7
Bill Margulis For Sale (MU 6.5
Bill Margulis Chained Two (MU) 6.5
Pete Mirabella Little Teapot 7
Pete Mirabella Roman Columns 7
Glenn Urquhart Great Horned Owl 9 IOM
Glenn Urquhart The Kestral Pair 6.5
A Category
Helen Albano Spring Has Sprung 7.5
Helen Albano Purple Passion 6.5
Judi Feinman I See You 8
Judi Feinman Sparkles 7
Ellen Gallagher Old Town Window Reflection 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Window Abstract 7
Steve Kessler Pink Camellia 10 IOM
Steve Kessler Silent Sentinel 8
Lorraine Piskin Dark Caramel 6.5
Lorraine Piskin Iceland’s Blue Ice 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Girl With Flowery Shirt 7
Susan Silkowitz Kissing Cormorants 6.5
Ken Thalheimer Evening Dunes 8
Ken Thalheimer Security Fencing 7.5
Dave Curtin Oil And Water 8
Dave Curtin Scenes From A Nor’easter 7.5
Liliana Hecker Behind It 8
Liliana Hecker Winterland 8.5
Valerie Interligi Dahlia Swirls 8
Valerie Interligi Yellow Rose And Book 10 IOM
MaryJo Pellegrino Smooth Landing 6.5
MaryJo Pellegrino Snack Time 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Glowing Camellia 6.5
Joe Senzatimore Parrot Tulip 2 7.5
C Creative
Helen Albano Sunset Daisy 7.5
Helen Albano Flower Power 6.5
Jane Allegretti Chilly Flowers 10 IOM
Jane Allegretti Roll Out The Barrels 6.5
Dave Curtin Cyclones of Light 7.5
Barry Elberg Seeing Double Or More 8
Judi Feinman Out Of Control 7.5
Judi Feinman 1 2 3 Jump 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Mystical Flower 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Parrot Tulip Watercolor 7
Paula Greco Psychedelic Silhouette 7.5
Paula Greco Stepping Out For Sunset 7.5
Paula Greco Gentleman Jack (MU) 7
Paula Greco In The Spotlight (MU) 7
Liliana Hecker Delicate Rose 6.5
Liliana Hecker Pollination Ready 8.5
Henry Hernandez Creation 7.5
Henry Hernandez The Madness Of The Human Mind 7
Valerie Interligi Bubbles Glowing 7.5
Valerie Interligi Green Bottles And A Flower 7
Steve Kessler Kaleidoscope in Black & White 7.5
Steve Kessler Mutant Sunflower 8
MaryJo Pellegrino Feel The Emotions 8.5
MaryJo Pellegrino Mystery Wreck 8
Lorraine Piskin Chops In Space 7
Joe Senzatimore Van Gogh Camellia 7
Joe Senzatimore Lost My Marbles 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Reflections On 34th Street 6.5
Susan Silkowitz Westbury Abstract 8

B&W Scores – March, 2018
Judge: Dick Hunt

B Category
Jane Allegretti Just A Number 6.5
Jane Allegretti Southern Belle 7
Bill Brown Alvin 6.5
Bill Brown Eastern State Penitentiary 7
Barry Elberg Path In Woods 6.5
Barry Elberg Photographer At Beach 6.5
Brian Butensky Nostalgia 6.5
Brian Butensky Sentinel Egret 6.5
Paula Greco Barn Owl 6.5
Paula Greco Lady In Lights 7
Henry Hernandez Salty Longshoreman 7
Henry Hernandez The Kid And Grandpa 8.5 IOM
Bill Margulis Camp Out 7
Bill Margulis Dream A Little Dream Of Me 6.5
Pete Mirabella English Courtyard 7
Pete Mirabella Lucy 6.5
Hiroshi Tanoue Communion (MU) 6.5
Hiroshi Tanoue Hiroshima, Japan (MU) 6
Glenn Urquhart Hooded Mergansers 7
Glenn Urquhart Peregrine Falcon 1 6
A Category
Helen Albano Orchid Noir 6.5
Helen Albano Dogwood Duo 6.5
Judi Feinman Cowgirl 8
Judi Feinman Lady With Mirror 9.5 IOM
Ellen Gallagher Columns And Shadows 6.5
Ellen Gallagher Gritty Laundry 7.5
Steve Kessler Bridge Reflection 7
Steve Kessler Sunset At The Shore 8
Lorraine Piskin Bulls Of France 7
Susan Silkowitz Boy In A Car 7
Susan Silkowitz Woman With Cigar 7
Ken Thalheimer Simple Orchid 7.5
Salon Category
Dave Curtin Cuter From A Distance 6.5
Dave Curtin I Feel ‘Ya Camellia 6.5
Liliana Hecker Coming In 7.5
Liliana Hecker Racetrack In The Valley 10 IOM
Valerie Interligi Book And Keys 8
Valerie Interligi Polaroid Impression 8
Joe Senzatimore Just Chillin’ 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Showy Snowy 7.5