3rd Annual Member’s Choice Awards — Event Participation Instructions — Deadline for Entry: Friday, October 23rd

3rd Annual Member's Choice Awards -- Event Participation Instructions -- Deadline for Entry: Friday, October 23rd

NCCC Members,

Last year we were planning to hold our 3rd annual Members Choice Awards, but unfortunately the event was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.  We are looking to reschedule that event as a remote competition for Wednesday evening, October 28th.  We’re planning to award some of the club’s favorite member images from last year, and you will have the ability to select the winners that night.  To participate in the competition is simple, but I will need your response by Friday, October 23rd at 11:59pm.

Here’s how to enter:

Send me the names (no image files) of a favorite color, b&w, and creative image (one of each) that you entered into the regular monthly competitions last season (Sept through May).  The only requirement is that your selected images did not win image of the month (IOM) from the competition it was entered into.  Again, no need to send me the actual images, just the image name, category and month it was entered into competition last year -- see entry sample at bottom of this email.


If you’re not sure if your image won image of the month last year, you can check it on our website at the following link:

Just select the results link from the month your images participated (club year 2019-2020 only), and if it has an IOM next to the title, it’s ineligible for entry.  In the following example, my image “Passing The Time” could not participate in the member’s choice competition as it was an IOM.  You can also use the results page to see which images you entered into the competitions last year, and what scores they received.


Sample from website monthly results page - April-2020 competition:

Digital Scores – April, 2020
Judge: John Bruno

Image #: IOM: Title: Score: Maker’s Name:
6 I. O. M. Passing The Time 10 Dave Curtin
29 Whisk and  Shadow 9 Valerie Interligi
30 Wine Glass  Reflections 9 Valerie Interligi
5 Attack Of The 50 Foot Claw Creature 8.5 Dave Curtin


Email your entries (image names only) to: Dave Curtin.  We will be having a Zoom meeting to determine the winners on Wednesday, October 28th.   Winners will be eligible to win a Member’s Choice Award plaque for taking 1st place in each category / competition level (e.g.:  Digital B- Color, Digital B-B&W, Digital A-Color, Digital A-B&W, Creative, etc.).  Be sure to send me your entries by October 23rd to participate, and look for the Zoom invite to the rescheduled Members Choice awards a few days prior to the event.

Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing your selections!

Best Regards,



P.S.:  Here’s a sample of what your member’s choice entry email should look like:

Entries for member’s choice awards

Dave Curtin


Image Category:                               Image Name:                                                     Month:

Color-Salon                                         The Malabar Tree Nymph                            Apr-2020

B&W Salon                                          Roanoke Marshes (B&W)                             Feb-2020

Creative                                               The Painted Dahlia                                          Oct-2019