Winners of the MVCC Glennie Nature Salon Competition

The results are in, and we pleased to share with you our performance in this year’s MVCC Glennie Nature Salon Competition! Just as a reminder, the Glennie’s are a worldwide premier nature competition that has camera clubs from many different countries participating.

This year our club scored at total of 215 points in competition, which placed us at 44th overall. Our performance was very much on par with last year’s effort when our club scored 216 total points. There were 646 total images in this year’s competition from 65 clubs… Of those total club entries, 45 clubs were from the United States while the other 20 were international.

We were quite fortunate to have a large number of our entries (7 of 10) accepted into the salon. In addition to those images receiving salon acceptance, we also had two special award winners this year…

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> 2019 Awards / Salon Acceptance:

First we’d like to congratulate our individual award winners…

• Congratulations to Joe Senzatimore for receiving a Judge’s Award for his image: “Nap Time”. Joe received an outstanding overall score of 25 in the Bird-Shore category, and managed to grab one of the highly coveted awards in this competition!

• Congratulations also goes to Liliana Hecker for receiving a Merit Award for her image: “Great Grey Owl”. Liliana received a fantastic overall score of 24 in the Bird-Raptors-Owl category to secure another of the competition’s top awards!

Congratulations also to: Lilianna Hecker, Steven Kessler, Joe Senzatimore, who along with myself, had images that were accepted into the 2019 Salon.

Please note: “Acceptance” means that although the image was not an award winner, it was one of the higher scoring images and will be included in the slideshow. To achieve “acceptance” a score of 21 had to be awarded.

Included with this post is a copy of our Salon accepted images. We also included the PDF document that shows the club’s scores by NCCC maker, and standings by club.

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this year’s competition and for sharing all the wonderful images!