PFLI Scores – October,  2020

Judges – Joe Pellicone, Pat Walsh, Alan Agdern

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
DPB Vin Como Cat Portrait 25
CRE Helen Albano Floral Frenzy 24
DPA Joe Senzatimore Droplet In Red 24
CRE Bill Brown Rose In A Bottle 23
CRE Vin Como Edge Of Abyss 23
CRE Valerie Interligi Orange Tulips Orb 23
DPA Helen Albano Hanging On 23
DPA Judi Feinman Watching Over The City 23
DPA Ken Thalheimer Simply Red 23
DPB Michael Yuen BugLight 23
CRE Dave Curtin Ghost In The Machine 22
CRE Joanna Gazzola What The Monitor Sees 22
CRE Joe Senzatimore Spring’s First Sign 22
CRE Judi Feinman Spinning 22
CRE Rebecca Torns Framed Flowers 22
CRE Steven Kessler Split Haunted Hallway 22
DPA Henry Hernandez Portrait Of Frankie 22
DPA Bill Brown Female Cardinal 22
DPA Joanna Gazzola Magnolia In The Sky With Diamonds 22
DPA Kathy Sheldon Crystal Garden 22
DPA Susan Silkowitz Reflections (Coney Island) 22
DPA Valerie Interligi Love Grows Here 22
DPB Jane Allegretti Sweet Rose 22
DPB Tom Lloyd Sihouette 22
CRE Henry Hernandez Dahlia’s Seduction 21
CRE Mark Chernoff Black Eyed Susans 21
DPA Dave Curtin Devon Countryside (UK) 21
DPA Steven Kessler Slowly Fading Away B&W 21
DPB Jack Cusack I’m Watching You 21
DPB Mark Chernoff Greenfield Poets Tower Views 21
DPB Peter Mirabella Spring In Black and White 21
CRE Susan Silkowitz Indian Dancer 20
CRE Jane Allegretti Big Brown 20
DPB Rebecca Torns Textured Shroom 20

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