PFLI Scores – November,  2021

Judges – Donna Crinnian – Steve Kessler – Andrew Kurchey

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
DBW Joe Senzatimore Cattle Egret In B&W 26
DPA Joe Senzatimore Hiding In Plain Sight 26
CRE Bill Brown Bird Flyover Dead Forest 24
DBW Marie Sauter Lost In Thought 24
DPA Marie Sauter Pretty In The Gritty City 24
DPA Steven Kessler Sunset By The Dock 24
DBW Valerie Interligi Peony Tulip Solarized 24
DBW Vince Como Mandrill Black And White 24
DPA Vince Como Old World Monkey 24
DPB Alan Borko Monarch Butterfly 23
DPA Bill Brown Hibiscus Stamen 23
DPA Dave Curtin In His Element 23
CRE Helen Albano Ruby Rainbow 23
DBW Henry Hernandez The Coliseum 23
DBW Judi Feinman Ramp To Beach 23
DPA Judi Feinman What Do You Want 23
DBW Kathy Sheldon Racing The Storm 23
DPA Kathy Sheldon The Dance 23
DPB Mark Chernoff Boating In Maine 23
DPB Peter Mirabella Looking Left 23
DPB Rebecca Torns Polar Bear Playing 23
DBW Steven Kessler Nobska Lighthouse And Gate B&W 23
CRE Valerie Interligi Painted Nigella 23
CRE Vince Como Gerber Diasy And Friend 23
CRE Alan Borko InsideChihuly 21
DBW Bill Brown Steers Skull 21
DBW Helen Albano Dahlia Explosion 21
DPA Helen Albano Pollination Station 21
DPA Henry Hernandez Coney’s Cone 21
CRE Jane Allegretti Pieces Of Fall 21
CRE Joe Senzatimore Studying Her Bird Book 21
CRE Judi Feinman Repeat And Repeat And Repeat 21
DBW Ken Thalheimer Backlit Survivor 21
DPA Ken Thalheimer In Full Bloom 21
DBW Mark Chernoff A View From Bryant Park 21
DBW Peter Mirabella TBird In Black & White 21
CRE Steven Kessler Building Patterns In NYC 21
DBW Tom Lloyd Fred And Smedley 21
DPA Valerie Interligi Red On Green 21
DBW Dave Curtin Pemaquid Star Trails 20
DPB Michael Yuen Canyon Lower Falls 20
CRE Rebecca Torns Red Cottage 20
DPB Jane Allegretti Hyacinth 18

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