PFLI Scores – December,  2020

Judges – Karen Newman – Roni Chastain – Lynn Thompson

Category: Maker Name: Image Name: Score:
DPA Dave Curtin King Of The Forest 26
DPA Helen Albano Portrait In Pink 26
DPA Steven Kessler Dancing In The Water 26
CRE Valerie Interligi Bipolar Tulips 26
DBW Dave Curtin Widecombe In The Moor 25
DBW Helen Albano Moody 25
CRE Joanna Gazzola Holding It Together 25
DPB Mark Chernoff French Senate Building 25
DBW Susan Silkowitz Telling His Story 25
DPA Valerie Interligi Cup And Saucer With Lanterns 25
DPB Vin Como Puma Face To Face 25
DBW Bill Brown She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy 24
DBW Michael Yuen Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse 24
CRE Joe Senzatimore Peach Dahlia On Canvas 24
DBW Joe Senzatimore Seen Better Days 24
DPA Joe Senzatimore Looking For A Clean Car 24
CRE Steven Kessler Bright Coneflower Stained Glass 24
DBW Steven Kessler Dark Rider B&W 24
DPA Susan Silkowitz Bee On A Flower 24
CRE Vin Como Zephyr Wolf Ambassador 24
CRE Bill Brown Sunflowers On Canvas 23
CRE Helen Albano Dahlia Blend 23
CRE Henry Hernandez Revolution 23
DBW Henry Hernandez The Storyteller 23
DBW Mark Chernoff Iceland Church 23
DPB Jack Cusack Exiting The Tunnel 23
DBW Judi Feinman Amber 23
DPA Judi Feinman The Pink Train 23
DBW Kathy Sheldon Elegant Great Egret 23
DPA Ken Thalheimer Hibiscus 23
DPB Michael Yuen Lighthouse 23
DBW Valerie Interligi Dianes Flower 23
DBW Vin Como Race To The Finish 23
DPB Barry Elberg Dingo 22
DPA Bill Brown Ruby Throated Hummingbird 22
CRE Barry Elberg Waterfall 22
DPA Joanna Gazzola In Flames 22
CRE Jane Allegretti Jelly Apple 22
CRE Judi Feinman Inside A Seashell 22
DPA Kathy Sheldon Hurricane Teddy Wave 22
DPB Peter Mirabella Make Me A Hat 22
CRE Rebecca Torns Kayaker In Fall 22
DPB Tom Lloyd On The High Wire 22
DPA Henry Hernandez Heaven’s Autumn 21
DBW Ken Thalheimer An Early Dusting 21
DPB Jane Allegretti The Cardinal 21
DBW Rebecca Torns On The Edge 21
DPB Rebecca Torns Pond Loop 20

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