PFLI Scores – April, 2018
Lou Cohen – Stan Mehlman
Andy Kurchey – Trudy Runyan

Bill Brown Old 47 21
Brian Butensky Quito Merchant 20
Glenn Urquhart Great Horned Owl 22
Pete Mirabella Landing At The Beach 19
Paula Greco Rainy Day Love 21
Jane Allegretti Southern Belle 19
Henry Hernandez The Lost Art Of Solitude 21
Bill Margulis Camp Out 21
Hiroshi Tanoue Communion (MU) 21
Barry Elberg Lake George At Dusk 20
Helen Albano Swirls And Twirls 21
Ken Thalheimer Simple Orchid 21
Joe Senzatimore Glowing Camellia 21
Steve Kessler Colorful In The Middle 21
Valerie Interligi Yellow And Rose Book 21
Susan Silkowitz Eagle #2 22
Judi Feinman Lady With Mirror 22
Kathy Sheldon Underhill Barn 20
Dave Curtin Glowing Dahlia 22
Ellyn Finkelstein Trio 20
Lorraine Piskin Dark Caramel 22
Liliana Hecker Falls 22
Mary Jo Pellegrino Rain Expected Any Minute 22
Joe Senzatimore Dahlia Abstract 21
Valerie Interligi Distorted Colored Pencils 22
Steve Kessler Bridging The Gap 22
Liliana Hecker Pollination Ready 21
Helen Albano Sunset Daisy 21
Susan Silkowitz Reflections On 34th Street 20
Judi Feinman Leaving 20
Jane Allegretti Chilly Flowers 21
Mary Jo Pellegrino Mystery Wreck 20
Dave Curtin Cyclones Of Light 22
Henry Hernandez The Madness Of The Mind 21
Paula Greco Stepping Out For Sunset 22
Barry Elberg Seeing Double Or More 22
Lorraine Piskin Chops In Space 19