Digital Scores - September, 2018
Judge: John Bruno

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B Category
Jane Allegretti Nesting 7
Jane Allegretti Tulips In The Breeze 7.5
Henry Hernandez One-Eyed Tom 9.5 IOM
Henry Hernandez Hoot Hoot 8.5
Paula Greco A Distant Light 8
Paula Greco Tsunami At The Fishing Piers 8.5
Bill Magulis No Pain, No Gain 7.5
Bill Magulis Tending The Goal Post 8
Pete Mirabella My Backyard Beauty 7
Pete Mirabella Stained Glass Windows 7.5
Michael Yuan Old Quebec Mountaintop 8
Michael Yuan Star Trail 7.5
A Category
Helen Albano Lily Pond 8
Helen Albano Country House 8
Bill Brown Old Watch Mechanism 8.5
Bill Brown The Little Engine That Could 8
Judi Feinman The Littlest Indian 7.5
Judi Feinman Zoey 10 IOM
Ellyn Finkelstein Let's Stroll 7.5
Ellyn Finkelstein Tasmanian Falcon 8
Ellen Gallagher Crab Meadow Kayaks 8
Ellen Gallagher Painted Beach Sheds 9
Kathy Sheldon Cape Cod 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Indian Dancer 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Noisy Gull 9
Ken Thalheimer Done For The Day 9
Ken Thalheimer Orange Glow 9
Dave Curtin Mabry Mill 9
Dave Curtin The Fiery Ford 8
Valerie Interligi Another Tulip 10 IOM
Valerie Interligi Captree 1 8.5
Steve Kessler Alone In The Fog 7.5
Steve Kessler White Water Lily & Sky Reflection 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Hot Pink & Yellow 8
Joe Senzatimore Obsessed 8.5
C Creative
Helen Albano A Rose Is A Rose 8
Helen Albano Floral Abstract 8.5
Jane Allegretti Family Bonding 7
Jane Allegretti Little White Flower 7.5
Dave Curtin Oil & Water 8.5
Dave Curtin Robot Food 9
Judy Feinman Barmaid 7.5
Judy Feinman Faces Of A Dancer 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Bubble Still Life 10 IOM
Ellen Gallagher Decrepit Lighthouse 8
Paula Greco Follow Your Path 7.5
Paula Greco I Saw An Angel Tonight 8
Henry Hernandez The Crazy Tree In The Park 7.5
Henry Hernandez City Life Reflections NYC 8
Valerie Interligi City Abstract 8
Valerie Interligi Peek A Boo 7.5
Steve Kessler Point On A Prayer Lily 7.5
Steve Kessler The Evil Sunflower 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Light Painted Cones 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Summer Fun 8
Susan Silkowitz Littlest Dancer 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Statuesque 7.5

B&W  Digital Scores - September, 2018
Judge: John Bruno

B Category
Jane Allegretti Lighthouse 7
Jane Allegretti Out For A Stroll 7.5
Paula Greco Batman 8
Paula Greco Black & White Sunset 10 IOM
Henry Hernandez Not In Service 8.5
Henry Hernandez Pondering The Pose: Self Portrait 7.5
Bill Margulis Afternoon Prayer 7.5
Bill Margulis Kid Umbrella 7.5
Michael Yuen Old Quebec City Street 7.5
Michael Yuen Old Quebec Street 8
A Category
Helen Albano Westward Ho 7.5
Helen Albano Trailer Life 8.5
Bill Brown Old Pocket Watches 10 IOM
Bill Brown The Alien Plant 8.5
Judi Feinman Musician Outside Met 7.5
Judi Feinman The Struggle 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Beach Umbrellas Abstract 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Textured Shore Bird 7.5
Kathy Sheldon Winter 8.5
Susan Silkowitz At The Oculus 8
Susan Silkowitz Denise 7.5
Ken Thalheimer P-47 7.5
Salon Category
Dave Curtin Alone In The Fog 8.5
Dave Curtin The Inquisitive Pup 8.5
Valerie Interligi Caitlyn & MJ 8.5
Valerie Interligi Some Kind Of Bug 8.5
Steve Kessler Double Hubcap 8
Steve Kessler Into The Fog 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Beauty in Monotone 9.5 IOM
Joe Senzatimore View From The Ship 8.5

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