Digital Scores – October, 2018
Judge: Art Inselberger

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B Category
Jane Allegretti Besties 8
Jane Allegretti Festival Fun 8.5
Barry Elberg Lunch Break 7.5
Barry Elberg Men Working 8.5
Mark Chernoff Bryce Canton 8
Mark Chernoff East Broadway Changes 8
Henry Hernandez Bees Suckling At The Dahlia 8
Henry Hernandez The Urban Jungle 10 IOM
Tom Lloyd It All Adds Up 8
Pete Mirabella Purple Beauties 7.5
Pete Mirabella Three Mountains 8
Thomas Sioson Constitution Marsh 8
Thomas Sioson Queensborough Bridge 7.5
Michael Yuen Colorful Door 7.5
Michael Yuen Montauk Lighthouse 8
A Category
Helen Albano Pretty In Pink 10 IOM
Helen Albano Chapel Window 8.5
Bill Brown Brother and Sister Fishing 8.5
Bill Brown Maskers Apple Orchard 8
Judi Feinman Green Birds 9
Judi Feinman Hungry Orangutan 8
Ellen Gallagher Lobster Traps 8
Ellen Gallagher Reflection in Canada 9
Lorraine Piskin LalaBella Guide 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Coney Island Mermaid 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Krysta 8
Ken Thalheimer Autumn Canopy 8.5
Ken Thalheimer Bud and Bloom 8
Dave Curtin Beauty Is In The Heart 9
Dave Curtin Zwaawk 8.5
Valerie Interligi Calla Bunch 9
Valerie Interligi Peaches At The Farm 10 IOM
Steve Kessler Bright Lavender 8.5
Steve Kessler Great Horned Owl 2 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Dahlia Glow 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Night At The Fair 8.5
C Creative
Helen Albano Flower Power 8.5
Helen Albano The Color Purple 8
Jane Allegretti Pink Flower 9
Jane Allegretti Tapestry Tree With Crow 7.5
Dave Curtin Honey, I shrunk The Photographer 8
Judi Feinman The Komodo Dragon Arrives 8
Judi Feinman Two Perspectives 8
Ellen Gallagher Another Textured Lantern 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Painted City 8
Henry Hernandez Abstract Dahlia 8
Valerie Interligi Brandy Glasses Shaken Up 10 IOM
Valerie Interligi Dahlia Family 8
Steve Kessler Hallway With Shadows 8
Steve Kessler Hungry Mirror 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Annisquam Painted 9
Joe Senzatimore Cones On Burlap 8
Susan Silkowitz Girls 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Highline Reflections 7.5
Thomas Sioson Ring Of Fire 8
Michael Yuen Father And Son 7.5
Michael Yuen Self Portrait 7

 B&W –  Digital Scores

October, 2018
Judge: Art Inselberger

B Category
Jane Allegretti Swimming Lessons 8
Jane Allegretti Up On Top 7.5
Mark Chernoff Ansonia Hotel 8
Mark Chernoff Empire State Plus 7.5
Barry Elberg Plant 8.5
Barry Elberg Weather Vane 8
Henry Hernandez My Only Friend They’re All Dead Now 9.5 IOM
Tom Lloyd Sands Point 3 8.5
Pete Mirabella Mountain in Florida 8
Thomas Sioson Through The Oculus 8.5
Michael Yuen Shamu 8
A Category
Helen Albano Hibiscus Noir 8.5
Helen Albano Getting Some Fresh Air 8.5
Bill Brown Cuban Woman Cigar Roller 8
Bill Brown Old Elgin Watch 7.5
Judi Feinman Beautiful Pirate 8
Judi Feinman Long Tailed Macaque 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Old Church in Calgary 8
Ellen Gallagher Yellowstone Bare Trees 8.5
Lorraine Piskin French Stallion on the Run 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Erin 10 IOM
Susan Silkowitz Keira 9
Ken Thalheimer Last Stop 8
Salon Category
Dave Curtin Dahlia In Black And White 8
Dave Curtin Welcome To The Haunted Mansion 8.5
Valerie Interligi Dahlia And Baby 9
Valerie Interligi From The Field 10 IOM
Steve Kessler Hungry Predator 9
Steve Kessler Raptor Up Close 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Garden City Icon 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Garner’s Mercantile 8.5


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