Digital Scores – January, 2019
Judge: Jeff Mantell

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B Category    
Jane Allegretti Hang On 7.5
Jane Allegretti Sparkling Citrus 8.5
Mark Chernoff Freeport Doorways 8
Mark Chernoff Sunrise In Zion Park 8.5
Barry Elberg Yellow Flowers In Water (MU) 8.5
Barry Elberg Bronx Flower 8.5
Barry Elberg Vanderbilt At Dusk 10 IOM
Paula Greco Christmas On Montauk Point 8
Paula Greco Reflections At Captree 8.5
Jack Cusack At Rest 8.5
Jack Cusack September Serenity 8.5
Henry Hernandez Coquettish Peek A Boo 8
Henry Hernandez Ol’ Saint Nick Going Home Tired 8.5
Bill Margulis Here’s Lookin’ At Ya! 8
Bill Margulis Romping In The Wildflowers 8
Pete Mirabella Levittown Locomotive 7.5
Pete Mirabella Long Island RR 7.5
Thomas Sioson Lighthouse 8.5
Thomas Sioson Reflection 8
A Category    
Helen Albano Reach For The Sky 8
Helen Albano Pretty As A Picture 8
Judi Feinman Bewildered 8.5
Judi Feinman Butterfly On A Leaf 8
Judi Feinman Under The Waterfall (MU) 8.5
Judi Feinman Nuclear Family (MU) 8.5
Ellyn Finkelstein Lori 8
Ellyn Finkelstein Mirror Image 8
Ellen Gallagher Bikes At Caumsett 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Unusual Window 7.5
Lorraine Piskin Dubai Sunset 8.5
Lorraine Piskin Her Eyes 8
Lorraine Piskin White Rose (MU) 8
Lorraine Piskin Seascape In Cuba (MU) 8.5
John Scala Droplet 8.5
John Scala Robert Moses 9
Kathy Sheldon Heart Of The Cape 10 IOM
Kathy Sheldon Puddle Jumping 8.5
Kathy Sheldon Ripple (MU) 8.5
Kathy Sheldon Draken (MU) 8
Susan Silkowitz Man With A Basket 8
Susan Silkowitz Street Sweeper 9
Susan Silkowitz Girl In White (MU) 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Daniella In Red (MU) 8
Ken Thalheimer Sundown 8.5
Ken Thalheimer Trio 9
Dave Curtin Late Afternoon In Annisquam 8.5
Dave Curtin Spectacled Owl 8.5
Liliana Hecker Morning Prayer 9
Liliana Hecker Zion Canyon 8.5
Liliana Hecker Sunflower Field (MU) 9
Liliana Hecker Waterfall In The Fall (MU) 8.5
Valerie Interligi Love In The Mist 8
Valerie Interligi Raspberries And Reflection 8
Steve Kessler Doorway Maze 10 IOM
Steve Kessler Lavender Lily And Leaf 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Karma Sucks 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Stormy Night 9
C Creative    
Helen Albano Petal Profusion 8.5
Helen Albano With A Twist 8.5
Jane Allegretti Holiday Magic 8
Jane Allegretti Leaf Me Alone 8
Dave Curtin Painting With Light 8
Dave Curtin The English Lab 8
Barry Elberg Pumpkin Attack 8
Judi Feinman In The Light Of Fireworks 9
Judi Feinman Looking At Myself 8.5
Judi Feinman Mermaids (MU) 8.5
Judi Feinman Light (MU) 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Blue Fantasy Flower 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Cool Color Swirl 8.5
Paula Greco Hot Cocoa With Buddha On Top 8
Paula Greco Looking Through The Lens 10 IOM
Liliana Hecker Marina At Dusk 8.5
Liliana Hecker Tree Of Life (MU) 8.5
Henry Hernandez Happy New Year 8
Valerie Interligi Fallen Roses 8.5
Valerie Interligi Rose And Reflection Grunge 8.5
Steve Kessler Doorway Illusion 8.5
Steve Kessler Skull In The Gears 8
John Scala Brave Bird 8
Joe Senzatimore Defining Moment 8
Joe Senzatimore Some Texture; Some Glow 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Bikers At Sunset 9
Susan Silkowitz Man With A Long Neck 8
Susan Silkowitz Strolling Hall’s Pond (MU) 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Where Am I? (MU) 8

B&W Scores – January, 2019
Judge: Jeff Mantell

B Category    
Jane Allegretti Cups Of Cheer 7.5
Jane Allegretti Set Sail 8.5
Jack Cusack Dark And Stormy 8
Jack Cusack Before The Hit 8
Barry Elberg Granddaughter Smiling 8.5
Barry Elberg Granddaughter Questioning Life 8
Henry Hernandez In The Path Of The Light 8
Henry Hernandez In Death’s Home 8
Paula Greco By the Light Of The Silvery Moon 8.5
Paula Greco Captree In Black and White 9.5 IOM
Tom Lloyd Window And Pitcher 8
Bill Margulis Just Biding My Time 8.5
Bill Margulis Walking Into The Light 8.5
Pete Mirabella 31 Ford Coupe 8
Pete Mirabella Grand Canyon 8
Thomas Sioson Mountain Edge 8.5
Thomas Sioson Watching Fountain 8.5
A Category    
Helen Albano Daisy Duo 8.5
Helen Albano Beauty In Bloom 9
Judi Feinman Baby In Red Basket 8
Judi Feinman Limbs Of A Dancer 8.5
Judi Feinman Out Of This World (MU) 8
Judi Feinman Northport Harbor (MU) 8
Ellen Gallagher Broken Chair 9
Ellen Gallagher Mountains In Carrara 8
Lorraine Piskin Forlorn 8
Lorraine Piskin We Can Do This (MU) 8
John Scala Jetty 8
John Scala Oculus 8.5
Kathy Sheldon Proud 8.5
Kathy Sheldon Train Robber (MU) 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Lovely Leap 10 IOM
Susan Silkowitz Restoration 8
Susan Silkowitz Keira #2 (MU) 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Little Boy San Miguel Allende (MU) 8.5
Ken Thalheimer Old Chevy 8.5
Salon Category    
Dave Curtin Daredevils In Flight 8.5
Dave Curtin Racing Around The Bay 8.5
Liliana Hecker Drought 101 10 IOM
Liliana Hecker Eagle And His Master 8.5
Liliana Hecker Greetings (MU) 8.5
Liliana Hecker Beach Log (MU) 8
Valerie Interligi Martini Glass and Ornaments 8
Valerie Interligi Vase of Callas 8.5
Steve Kessler Guillotine Window 8.5
Steve Kessler Water Lily and Pod 8.5
Joe Senzatimore Coney Island Favorite 9
Joe Senzatimore Thirsty Baby 8

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