Digital Scores – February, 2018

Judge: John Brokos

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B Category
Jane Allegretti Holiday Magic 7.5
Jane Allegretti Steps To Nowhere 8
Bill Brown Roslyn Clock Tower 7.5
Bill Brown To Boldly Go 8
Bill Brown Golden Crab Of The Caribbean (MU) 7.5
Bill Brown Bird Feeding In Tree (MU) 8.5
Brian Butensky Deep In Thought 8
Brian Butensky Ruffled Feathers 8
Barry Elberg Off To School 7
Barry Elberg Suburban Morning (MU) 7
Barry Elberg Coach Charlie 7.5
Barry Elberg Country Road (MU) 7
Paula Greco Howdy 8
Paula Greco Warm Glow In Winter 8.5
Paula Greco Let’s Shoot (MU) 6.5
Paula Greco By The Light Of The Moon (MU) 7.5
Henry Hernandez Barge RTC 81 On The East River 8.5
Henry Hernandez Going To The Supermarket 7
Bill Margulis Accordion Man 8
Bill Margulis Latch And Knob 7.5
Pete Mirabella Down Below Buddy 7.5
Pete Mirabella Landing At The Beach 8
Glenn Urquhart Snowy Incoming 10 IOM
Glenn Urquhart Pintail Drake 8.5
A Category
Helen Albano Portrait Of A Dahlia 8
Helen Albano Offspring 7.5
Judi Feinman Brass Orb At The United Nations 8
Judi Feinman Man In Doorway 10 IOM
Ellyn Finkelstein Trio 7.5
Ellyn Finkelstein Ride Free 7.5
Ellen Gallagher Old Hats In Calgary 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Painted Sunset 7.5
Steve Kessler Colorful In The Middle 8
Steve Kessler Heading Home In The Old City 8
Lorraine Piskin Taos Landmark 7.5
Lorraine Piskin Tribe’s Boy Omo Valley 8.5
Lorraine Piskin Crater In Iceland (MU) 8
Susan Silkowitz Lindsay 7.5
Susan Silkowitz Man In The Shadow 8.5
Ken Thalheimer Dunes 8
Ken Thalheimer Ready To Open 7.5
Dave Curtin Attack Formation 7.5
Dave Curtin Swirling Lights 9
Liliana Hecker Frozen Bubbles 8.5
Liliana Hecker I Got My Eye On You 9
Valerie Interligi Lemon Fizz 8.5
Valerie Interligi Wisteria On Black 8.5
MaryJo Pellegrino Rain Expected Any Minute 8
MaryJo Pellegrino You Have My Attention 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Reflection In Blue 10 IOM
Joe Senzatimore Splish Splash 8.5
C Creative
Helen Albano Really Red 8.5
Helen Albano Vintage Dahlia 8.5
Jane Allegretti Fallen Flowers 7.5
Dave Curtin Light Painted Spirograph 8
Judi Feinman Fruit Platter With One Nut 8
Judi Feinman Leaving 8.5
Ellen Gallagher Glass Block Montage 8
Ellen Gallagher Painted Seashell 7
Liliana Hecker Open Wings 8
Liliana Hecker Light Grey 8
Henry Hernandez Refraction Of Light 7.5
Valerie Interligi Distorted Colored Pencils 8.5
Valerie Interligi This Heart Is For You 9
Steve Kessler Confused Crossing 8
Steve Kessler Bridging The Gap 10 IOM
Pete Mirabella View From Field 6 6.5
Pete Mirabella Bird At Field 6 Jones Beach 7
MaryJo Pellegrino Enjoying My Free Time 9
MaryJo Pellegrino Taking Photos 7.5
Joe Senzatimore Glowing Lily 8
Joe Senzatimore Pink On Pink 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Wall Art 8.5
Susan Silkowitz What A Drag 8

B&W Scores – February, 2018
Judge: John Brokos

B Category
Jane Allegretti Old Graveyard 6.5
Bill Brown Bobcat 10 IOM
Bill Brown Howling At The Moon 8.5
Barry Elberg Evening Swim With Dog 8
Barry Elberg Pistol 7.5
Barry Elberg Roadside Garbage (MU) 6.5
Barry Elberg Coach Charlie Standing (MU) 6.5
Brian Butensky Black And White Scruffy Vendor 7.5
Brian Butensky Black And White Tanks 7.5
Brian Butensky Worth Avenue Alley (MU) 7.5
Brian Butensky Blaj And White Mermaid (MU) 8
Paula Greco All Dressed Up, No Place To Go 8
Paula Greco Rainy Day Love 8.5
Paula Greco Time For Tea (MU) 8.5
Paula Greco Frozen Reflections (MU) 7.5
Henry Hernandez Organic Decay 8.5
Henry Hernandez The Path Of Enchantment 8
Pete Mirabella A Bud In Bloom 6.5
Pete Mirabella Three Gulls 7.5
Glenn Urquhart Female Hooded Merganser 7.5
Glenn Urquhart Merganser Couple Exiting 8
A Category
Helen Albano Nature By Design 7.5
Helen Albano Dahlia Drama 10 IOM
Judi Feinman Man With Tattoos 7.5
Judi Feinman Owl 8
Ellen Gallagher Dumbo Viewpoint 8
Ellen Gallagher Yellowstone Hot Spring 7.5
Steve Kessler Flowers With Teeth 7.5
Steve Kessler Water Lily And Shadow 8
Lorraine Piskin Girl On The Bench 8.5
Susan Silkowitz Mine  8.5
Susan Silkowitz Birdman 7.5
Ken Thalheimer A Winter’s Tree 8.5
Salon Category
Dave Curtin 121 Jigawatts 8.5
Dave Curtin The Denizens Of Dartmoor 8.5
Valerie Interligi Etched Flower 10 IOM
Valerie Interligi We Go Together 9
MaryJo Pellegrino Picked Clean 8
Joe Senzatimore Great Horned 15 9
Joe Senzatimore Old Workhorse 8.5


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