EOY Results: 2018-2019

B Color
1: Paula Greco Daybreak In Tuscany
2: Vince Como Amaryllis Blooming
3: Henry Hernandez Hoot, Hoot
A Color
1: John Scala Cathedral Of Saint John
2: Lorraine Piskin Painted Horses In The Pond
3: Bill Brown Old World Craftsmanship
1. Valerie Interligi Another Tulip
2. Dave Curtin Mabry Mill
3. Joe Senzatimore Stare Down
C Creative
1. Dave Curtin Green: An Oil And Water Abstract
2. Valerie Interligi Fallen Roses
3. Ellen Gallagher Bubble Still Life
 1. Henry Hernandez The Urban Cowboy
 2. Paula Greco A Jar Full Of Dreams
 3. Barry Elberg First Moments Of Life
1. Susan Silkowitz Woman In A Red Hat
2. Bill Brown Eastern State Pen
3. Judi Feinman Eric 1
Salon B&W
1. Dave Curtin Light As A Feather
2. Valerie Interligi Lexi With Her Umbrella
3. Liliana Hecker One Cold Morning

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