Club Best of Year Competition June 1, 2015

Judges: Bill Rudock, Dick Hunt, Gen Benjamin

Winning Images Gallery

B Digital

1st Place Robert Sanoff – “Afternoon Nap”
2nd Place Lukas G – “Rabid Child”
3rd Place Alnoe Paler – “Mardi Gras”

A Digital

1st Place Valerie Interligi – “Silky Pod”
2nd Place Stephanie Cowan – “Magnificent One No. 4B”
3rd Place Dave Curtin – “The End Of A Cold December Day”

C Creative

1st Place Joe Senzatimore – “Fantasy Orchid”
2nd Place Valerie Interligi – “Dahlia On Fire”
3rd Place Lukas G – “The Conflict”

Color Prints B

1st Place Helen Albano – “Flower Song”

Color Prints A

1st Place Steve Zimic – “Footprints in the Snow”
2nd Place Joe Senzatimore – “Lemur Portrait #11”
3rd Place Joe Sanna – “The King”

B&W Prints B

1st Place Joe Sanna – “Stand by to Outer Space”
2nd Place Glenn Urquhart – “Flatiron in Sepia”

B&W Prints A

1st Place Steve Zimic – “Don’t Lean on Me”
2nd Place Joe Senzatimore – “Wise Guy”
3rd Place Ellen Gallagher – “Croatian Stairway”