Club Best of Year Competition June 7, 2016

Judges: Dick Hunt, Art Inselsberger, Leon Hertzon

Winning Images Gallery

B Digital

1st Place Liliana Hecker: Rolling Hills
2nd Place Robert Sanoff: Ripples
3rd Place Bill Brown: I Got Dinner

A Digital

1st Place Helen Albano: The Icon
2nd Place Mary Jo Pellegrino: In The Mist Of Fog
3rd Place Ken Thalheimer: Golden Autumn Bloomer

C Creative

1st Place Liliana Hecker: Beauty In The Dungeon
2nd Place Joe Senzatimore: Pitcher-Plant Framed
3rd Place Valerie Interligi: Hungover Tulips

Color Prints B

1st Place Ellyn Finkelstein: Bird’s Eye View
2nd Place Helen Albano: Fall’s Last Stand
3rd Place William Brown: Tires and Fuel in 8 Seconds

Color Prints A

1st Place Joe Sanna: 9-11
2nd Place Joe Senzatimore: Julie on the Wall
3rd Place Glenn Urquhart: Higher than an Eagle

B&W Prints B

1st Place Joe Sanna: Mother’s Love
2nd Place Helen Albano: Ah-Choo
3rd Place Glenn Urquhart: Blue Moon Over NYC

B&W Prints A

1st Place Joe Senzatimore: Old Bristle Cone
2nd Place Kathy Sheldon: Dead Eye
3rd Place Ellen Gallagher: Mystical Lantern